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Telemedicine Of America - Testimonials


"I am a mom with three kids under the age of 7. Anyone who has a larger family knows when one gets sick they all get sick. And with the oldest in school all day something is always coming home. The worst part is scheduling a doctor appointment around drop-offs and pick-ups and still have time to do everything else.…
"What can I say about a service that came to my rescue almost immediately? My regular family doctor is great but was booked solid. I was told I could wait in the room all day until there was a ‘break’, but no guarantees. I had to get ready for a sales trip and could not wait. I just needed an…
Within the company, a staff member of the telemedical provider used his program membership one weekend for a sinus infection. The doctor called within one hour of the first initiated call. Not only did the doctor prescribe him medication, but also gave advice on ways to prevent a future frequent sinus infections. The doctor actually spent MORE time with him…
"I am an auto mechanic and cannot leave my shop. And I can’t go to a doctor and sit for a couple of hours. When I close my door I lose money. I joined the telemedical program for my family and a couple guys that work for me. It costs next to nothing compared to what I earn. One hour…